Visual Design Techniques

Painbrush and PaintsI am currently taking a course in Visual Design Techniques. In this course, I will be learning how to create professional-looking websites that appeal to my target audience.  What about this course excites me?

Anything that involves art sounds like fun to me!  The prospect of being able to create something artistically appealing and incorporate it into a website is exciting.  There really is no boundary to what you can do.  With the web, you have the power to reach across the world in seconds!  That amazes me.  I look forward to learning more about Photoshop and how to slice up a Photoshop file to create a live website.

Business people walking towards a world mapWith this course, I hope to learn more about how to make a website that will catch your interest.  I want to learn more about what is visually appealing and how to use that to reach people.  How can I create a site that will cause you to dig deeper and develop a sense of trust in what I am saying?  There is a lot of competition out there, and I know it is important to equip myself with the latest techniques that will give my clients the leading edge with their websites.