Important Ingredients for Website Design Credibility

handshake through a computer screenI recently read a blog by Lorelle VanFossen, a popular WordPress blogger.  She provides a wealth of information about what makes people trust a website.  I found several points interesting and helpful.

When someone comes to your site for the first time, you have about one second to gain their trust.  One second.  That tells me that you better do some research and learn how to make that one second count.  What are people looking for in that one second?  How can your site keep that person’s attention and draw them in?

The first thing that people are looking for are trust triggers.  These are design elements that invoke a feeling of trust from the user.  It can be a variety of things including a professional logo, content accuracy, design consistency, minimal advertising, updated content, an About Us page, third party links and testimonials.

I liked the points made by Larry Kunz in his blog.  To gain trust on a corporate blog it must be “humanized”. One way to do this is with an “About Us” page where you post staff photos, their hobbies, and other information that might make the experience more personal for the user.

Another good point was made by copywriter Susan Greene.  One way to gain trust through your content is to use the word “you” instead of “we or I”.  I also liked her point that you should tell your visitors what you have, what it will do for them and what they need to do next.  Keep it simple.

Your goal is to get the user to your website, draw them in and get them to stay, make a purchase or interact if that applies, and return in the future.  If you incorporate the elements that invoke trust and credibility you should be able to reach your goals! Trust me.