Positive Attitude

Smiley FaceThink of someone who you respect. Now tell me, do they have a positive outlook on life? Or are they negative? I’d be willing to bet that they are positive.

Having a positive attitude is not easy. I think our natural tendency is to complain. Sometimes we don’t even realize how negative we have become. Many times, I have to stop myself and redirect!

When it comes to working, a positive attitude is very important. Who wants to work with or be around a person who cannot enjoy their job? You need to look for opportunities to encourage others and also recognize and celebrate your own accomplishments. If this is the work you were made to do, then enjoy it! Remember why you chose your job and be a positive influence in the workplace! You can make a difference.

Photoshop Tutorial for Web Layout Design

My latest assignment in my Web Design program was to find a tutorial on creating a web design layout, complete the tutorial and post the finished product. I selected this tutorial at psd tuts+  because I liked the simplicity of the design, and the background caught my eye.
I was a little worried when I read the difficulty was “intermediate” but decided to give it a try anyway. After applying a gradient to the background, I downloaded a watercolor image from Gomedia’s Arsenal. I really like this image, and it was free! Next, I inverted the color on the image, and that gave it the cool hues it has now. Next, I erased part of the image to get the same look as the example.  This was my favorite part of the tutorial.  I am sure I will use this technique in other design layouts.
The one step I had a little trouble with was applying the radial gradients in step 6. I wasn’t quite sure how to get the exact same effect as the example, but I think it turned out well. Next, I added text and text boxes, along with some dummy text. A few enhancements were made to make the text stand out nicely.
That was it! I enjoyed doing this tutorial. I thought the author did a great job of explaining the steps and giving visual examples on what to do. This has encouraged me to give some other tutorials a try.