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My assignment today was to find something I am passionate about in the world of web development, spend several hours on the subject, and then blog about what I learned.

It seems early for me to have a particular passion, as I just started this program a couple of months ago.  But then I thought, what brought me to this program?  And there is my answer.  I am passionate about creating something using a computer and seeing the end result.  This passion can be put into use in more ways than I can count.  Right now I believe my passion is learning to write code.  This is important and where you begin when learning to develop web sites.

I decided to go to and learn more about CSS.  I just finished the book Basics of Web Design – HTML5 & CSS3, but I know I have only begun to learn these languages.  I chose to watch Jim Williamson’s tutorial “CSS Fundamentals” at  I felt it would be a good review before I go into my next course, which includes another book on CSS.

Thumbnail of W3C CSS current work pageThe tutorial began with a presentation of the basics of CSS. I was given an overview of CSS and it’s functions. Next, I heard about the history of CSS and how it evolved to where it is today.  I learned that currently,  you can get a high level overview of what’s going on with CSS by visiting the W3C’s cascading style sheet current work page.

Some great resources were presented regarding browser support. The website When Can I Use shows CSS support levels in current browsers,  including desktop and mobile browsers.   Quirksmode was discussed which shows browser compatibility charts. Wikipedia has a great comparison of layout engines as well.  The website Position is Everything, although older, is recommended as the “go to” site on browser bugs and ways around browser bugs.   Lastly, the browsers themselves offer support.

The next section of the tutorial discussed the various common CSS concepts.  This was a good review of what I have learned so far in CSS.  The last section covered a long list of CSS resources including code generators and editors.  I plan to check out a few other resources mentioned – Web-developer’s Handbook, Sitepoint’s CSS reference, and Chris Coyier’s blog  CSS-Tricks. Illustration of CSS Tricks website

I enjoyed spending time reviewing CSS and learning a few new things that will help me on this journey of web design and development.


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