A Google search on the word ‘diversity’ returns 148 million results. Now that is diversity! Webster defines the word as “the condition of having or being composed of different elements or qualities: variety”. The world is full of diversity. Without it, our lives would be quite plain.

People are very diverse. I think we tend to surround ourselves with people like us, and it is not until we get out of our comfort zone, that we see and experience that diversity. Race, language, talents, education and occupation are some of the types of diversity you can find in people.

Colleges advertise their diversity to prospective students. They show their diversity through their students’ home states and countries, the university’s campus clubs and organizations, the gender and age breakdown of students, and faculty experience.

In the workplace, diversity is important. The job you are doing may require abilities you do not have. With diverse employees, you can look for help from another person with different skills and knowledge. That diversity can offer you more opportunity to do your job well. The larger the company, the more diversity you can find.

I enjoy seeing the diversity around me and appreciate the diversity I have.


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