Web Design & Development

What about this course most excites me?

Most of all, I believe it is the opportunity to learn something new in a field I have been interested in for many years.  After college, I was a computer programmer for an oil company in Houston.  This was in the cave men days before the PC was invented.  I have always had a love for computers since then.  Once the PC came into the world, things in the industry began to change very quickly.  Here is a photo of BYTE magazine introducing the first IBM PC.

Wow, have things changed!  Eventually the internet was introduced, and I got my first internet connection.  It was with a company called Compuserve.  My dial-up modem speed was 300 baud!  Follow the link below to an article about the history of modems.

Later, I became interested in web design and began tinkering with websites using WYSIWYG programs.  Now I’ve come to a place in my life where I am ready to learn more.  I am very excited about all the prospects out there in the world of web design.